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The agreement between the client and the company booking the world to organize the trips and representative of the official website of the company HOJUZAT.COM

Dear Customer, We welcome you to the terms and conditions page and we hope you read it carefully as it regulates the relationship between us at and you. We apply the following conditions when booking a hotel accommodation, purchasing a ticket, or any service you choose from the World Tour Reservation Company, whether it is one or more services, either through the official website of the company or through customer service by telephone and Official Company Figures

Terms of use of the website and contact customer service

i. To use this site for bookings or call customer service for reservations, you must be 20 years of age or older.

ii. You have the full legal and legal capacity to enter into this Agreement and use this Site or contact Customer Service in accordance with the terms and conditions contained in this list, and agree to be responsible for all your actions legally and responsible for financial obligations arising from your use of this Site or Customer Service For the use of your account by others without limitation, including minors living with you).

iii. You agree to be responsible for all users of this Site and to contact Customer Service including minors under your name or account.

iv. You also undertake to ensure the accuracy, completeness and completeness of all information and data provided by you or your family members when using this website or contacting Customer Service.

v. If you have an account on this site, the company will, for its part, comply with the protection of your information, noting that it is entirely your responsibility to supervise it for any use of your account by you or anyone else.

vi. The time used on is 24 hours.

Supplier Terms

i. When you purchase a service through or by booking by calling Customer Care, additional terms / conditions apply to the Terms and Conditions when booking at your customer request, so you need to enter automatically To an agreement with the service that has been selected. For example, all services - cancellation policies that you have to agree upon when booking either through the website or contact customer service. You agree to be bound by these terms and conditions imposed by the selected supplier in complying with additional rules and restrictions by the Supplier.

ii. You must be aware that in certain reservations that may be rejected by the supplier within a few hours from the time of payment, in such a case such substitute service may be replaced with a commitment to pay the financial difference if any, total amount.

Terms and Conditions of Booking

i. You must ensure that all the names of the passengers in the booking are correct, and the obligation to enter each name in the appropriate field (field), if the names are entered incorrectly or not in accordance with what is contained in the passport, the traveler is obliged to pay additional fees to modify the name Upon request, upon completion of the payment process and payment of the entire booking amount, the booking voucher will be issued and confirmed by the number of

ii. A technical problem may occur sometimes when the voucher is not received and the amount is deducted. Here, you must contact the customer service center before starting any other booking to inform you of the previous booking. In the event that this does not occur, is not responsible for the repeat booking and the customer has the value of this. In case of cancellation, cancellation policy conditions apply for this booking.

iii. reserves the right, at its discretion, to refuse any reservation it seeks to make. may impose a reservation fee on your booking by contacting the booking center.

iv. reserves the right to cancel the reservation if there is an incorrect price due to the price update which results in unrealistic value for the reservation. In addition, if the unpaid booking is repeated for the owner of the site, has the right to cancel all bookings except for the customer's prior notice.

v. For each booking cancellation, will charge a cancellation fee in addition to the fees charged by the service provider

Travel documents

i. HOJUZAT.COM recommends that all its customers ensure that they and all accompanying passengers have valid passports and have obtained the required visa from the country of destination and that they have received the necessary vaccinations and insurance documents required to enter the country of destination. Some countries require a stop or transit from the passenger to stop the visa or pay the transit fee of the intended destination country. is not responsible for the visa of the country you intend to travel to, and this is your own responsibility before booking and before travel, Extraction and travel categories get entry visa for some time, so you must submit a request for such a visa well in advance of the date of travel.

ii. recommends that all customers review the passport and visa you intend to visit with the embassy or consulate in your country. The company will not be liable if you or someone traveling with you does not have a valid passport or did not obtain a valid visa Or without the necessary vaccinations or other travel requirements.

Set booking information

i. If booking information is incorrect, reserves the right to verify and cancel the reservation and reserves the right to take legal action to preserve its rights. In this case, the customer may be liable to compensation for monetary losses, including litigation costs and direct damages And indirect because of the cancellation of the attachment or the freezing of the account.

Prices and special offers

i. Quote Pricing and price changes, the quote system at has the right pricing, fixed pricing depends on the supplier, and if prices, rates or quotes vary from quote or advertised price, the world booking company will alert That any change before booking and payment in any booking (processed either complete the reservation at the new price or you can cancel the booking without a fee or complete the reservation with the new price).

ii. Any new special offers posted on the website after confirmation of the booking and payment of the amount they can not be applied to this bookings based on previous booking and booking company World reserves the right to change prices and rates of increase after payment on the service due due to exchange rate fluctuations and changes Tax or for any other reason.

iii. is not liable in any way for any increase due to fluctuations in exchange rates or taxes or as a result of a direct request from the supplier. Therefore, the prices offered may be appropriate during the period of your search and booked. These rates may change before the date of travel or after the residence according to the implications of the supplier, and some services have the same price but a difference in policy are all prices subject to availability of possibilities and can be withdrawn or changed without notice.

Group bookings

i. If you would like to book 9 rooms or more and to fly 10 or more, you need to contact our customer service by calling 920022216 to book your reservation.

Currency exchange

i. If the currency converter is available on the site, the following terms and conditions apply currency rates in various publicly available sources and can be used as a guide only. Actual prices may vary. The currency converter is available for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as a precise and instantaneous tool. Actual prices may vary.

Adjust hotel information

i. What is displayed on the website of or communicated through the customer service staff by telephone is only an exhaustion of the earliest possible description of the accommodation, facilities, services and pictures of the supplier and the hotel. The World Reservation Company shall not be responsible for any errors made by the service provider (the hotel or the airlines)

Sort hotels

i. Hotel rating information (number of stars, hotel services) is provided by service providers and hotels. And some hotels are rated by customer reviews.

ii. Please note that suppliers describe accommodations, facilities and services using varying terms. For example, some suppliers might describe a room with two separate beds with the term "double room" while other suppliers might describe the same room as a "deluxe room". For booking a triple room, the extra bed provided by the hotel is usually retractable.

iii. If you are unsure of the description on or the information given to you by the Customer Service Officer, please make sure that the information is correct by the service provider (hotel - airlines) who will answer your inquiry better.

iv. Sometimes some of the facilities mentioned in the description may be withdrawn for various reasons such as weather, maintenance or lack of demand by guests. If suppliers are advised to make significant changes to the description or to withdraw any of the facility's important facilities, we will inform the customer as soon as possible.

v. Some activities and facilities such as water sports are not available throughout the year and there may be fees for some amenities, eg: TV, safety deposit boxes, sun loungers and umbrellas, tennis courts, billiard tables and air conditioning.

vi. In some destinations during the tourist season (even at other times) there is a possibility that you will encounter noise from some groups so please consider this when choosing your destination and place of residence.

vii. The time taken to travel from the airport to the residence of is approximate and according to the circumstances, it may take longer to arrive at your chosen place of residence.

Hotel Policies

i. Children and infant policy are subject to supplier policy. Some hotels have their own policy based on the cost of accommodation for children and infants, sharing room with parents and using existing bedding. Some hotels offer extra beds or baby cots on request. An additional cost may be charged directly from the hotel, and the childcare policy varies from one supplier to another and from one country to another.

ii. On the entry and exit policy, the supplier's specific policy is followed, noting that any requests outside of the policy depend on the hotel (eg early check-in, delay departure time, booking in high floors, adjacent rooms, non-smoking rooms) Directly and the company has no right to guarantee the execution of these applications.

iii. City tax, some hotels may charge you for paying the tourist tax directly at the hotel or paying a government tax due to the state's political volatility.

Transfer bookings from another hotel

Transfer bookings from another hotel

i. The hotel may be closed for any reason, such as overbooking, technical errors that may occur in the system, the hotel being subject to government control for use, fire or any other force majeure. In such cases, will seek to find a replacement for the accommodation in the same category and location if available, otherwise the invoice will be issued by the hotel or accommodation at the alternative hotel.

Aviation policy

i. Cancellation fees and modification of the reservation are entirely dependent on the carrier. Some airlines may charge special rates (for example, tourism, business class, first class). For example, the multi-grade tourist class. These grades vary in terms of prices, restrictions, adjustment fees and cancellations. Also the business class and the first degree.

ii. Airlines shall carry passengers, baggage and goods internationally in accordance with international laws and regulations and the liability restrictions established by international conventions.

iii. Passengers on international flights from any country must be present at the airport three hours before the departure of the flight otherwise, the Company is not liable for any resulting fees.

iv. Passengers on domestic flights from any country to be at the airport before the departure time by an hour and a half, except in the carrier's location.

v. If you do not arrive at the airport on time, you will need to contact to check the status of the booking and to report the absence of the passengers on time, in accordance with airline rules and regulations.

vi. We would like to inform you if luggage is lost Communicate with the airport management and coordinate with the carrier as the world booking company disclaims liability in case of luggage loss.

vii. When you select a seat already booked by world bookings. They are not responsible for any modification made by the carrier.

viii. It should be noted that the provision of accommodation by airlines for non-direct flights and stops more than 6 hours varies from one airline to another according to the conditions of the carrier.

Transfer of flight reservations

i. The modification of the flight schedule depends entirely on the terms and conditions of the carrier in terms of canceling the flight or adjusting the time. You will be notified (by one of the communication methods mentioned in the booking) and you will be informed of the alternatives and solutions as applicable to the carrier. In this case, the customer has the right to choose between the alternatives offered to him or to recover the amount after the company has approved it.

ii. If you do not see the notice for the modification of World Reservations by the customer, World Reservations Company disclaims its responsibility and the customer has no right to compensation or otherwise.

Special conditions for supplier policy

i. Some suppliers may charge you a policy of their own and are listed in the Booking Policy before confirming it. We recommend that you read this policy before proceeding with your booking.

Hotel Policies

i. Early departure policy Some hotels may not agree to the rest of the remaining amount of unused nights because of the high season or the hotel occupancy rate is high and the same as the policy of non-attendance The hotel may charge a fee and then cancel the reservation and refund the remaining amount Or deduct the full amount.

ii. Change of guest names Some hotels do not accept change of names, some of them accepted before the date of entry 48 days (and depending on the policy of the hotel in the acceptance and rejection of the hotel) booking is not the validity of the hotel policy.

iii. If you modify the reservation, the supplier may ask you to pay a fee for the modification. This varies depending on the type of service requested. When ordering the room modification (double to double or changing the time and date, add a note on the booking) is advised to book reservations when booking a new reservation due to the issuance of an invoice for the old booking.

iv. Cancellation policy Cancellation policy is subject to the supplier's rules and restrictions and separate cancellation fees imposed by the supplier.

v. Requests must be made by the customer to cancel or change the booking through the website by accessing your account and canceling the booking or by booking the customer service of

vi. Upgrading the Rooms The passengers can upgrade the rooms they have contracted through and pay the room's difference prior to the said amendment under the terms of the supplier, as the possibility is available, as does not guarantee the promotion of the rooms upon arrival In this case if the hotel is upgraded the hotel is paid directly.

vii. If non-refundable bookings are confirmed, the customer is entitled to claim them only in compelling circumstances, and the approval of the return is subject to the supplier's consent and acceptance of the refund.

viii. Please note that if the site does not accept the amendment or cancellation, please contact Customer Service at 920022216 for the procedure.

Aviation Policy

i. Please note that the grades in the lines are multiple (business class, first class, economy class). The prices and services provided vary from one class to another and from one carrier to another, which may be purchased through the company's website

ii. In the event of any conflict between the conditions of the carrier and the conditions of, the conditions of the carrier shall be applied and executed.

iii. Cancellation or modification policy is subject to the carrier's rules and restrictions including partial or full refund of the ticket.

iv. Change Name You can not change or change the name after confirmation of the reservation. If you wish to change or change the name after booking confirmation, you will be required to make a new reservation and pay an additional cost if there is a difference.

v. Partial use of the ticket When using the first coupon of the ticket and the return request for the following vouchers, this is based on the terms of the carrier to calculate the remaining value.

vi. When using ticket vouchers in violation of the reservation, there is no right to request the return of any value paid or the consequences thereof.

Seat Upgrade (Booking Class)

i. Travelers can upgrade the seats through and pay the pre-departure class according to the carrier's rules, if available. can not upgrade the seat when the boarding pass is issued at the airport. The reservation has been upgraded at the airport. Payment is made to the carrier directly at the airport.

Retrieval policy

i. When the customer requests the refund, the company refunds the amount after reviewing the terms of the supplier or carrier, noting that the mechanism and method of recovery is based on the same method of payment.

ii. If payment is made by credit card, the refund will be made within 48 working days and the amount will be returned from the bank within 7 working days.

iii. If payment by customer service takes 48 hours from our business days.

iv. If the refund is not received after the above period, please contact our customer service to request a refund.

payment methods

i. In case of booking via the website or contacting the customer service, you can pay by (Visa, Mastercard, installments, payment of the safe), and also by bank transfer to one of the accounts of the company.

ii. (Book now and pay later) This property is available with certain hotels through HOJUZAT.COM and is offered with an online payment option or through a customer service agent (book now and pay later). This payment option is linked to the last payment date You are required to pay a deposit or fees. Learn the status of the reservation (Booked).

iii. If you would like to make a booking, please log in to your account and make a payment now or call our customer service. If the reservation exceeds the deadline for payment, the booking will be automatically canceled without charge. We would like to point out that booking and payment through our website

iv. The hotel has the right to cancel the reservation under any circumstances if the payment is not completed.

Problems and complaints

i. is seeking to satisfy its customers. In the event of a problem or otherwise, will make its utmost efforts to resolve the problem, amicably to the satisfaction of the client and maintain the rights of the parties.

ii. The customer should file a complaint at the moment of their occurrence, contact customer service or e-mail and will contact him to process the complaint.

iii. The complaint must be submitted by the injured person personally or by his / her agent, provided that it is accompanied by the reservation number, supported by evidence and evidence, and all information and data relating to the problem. The complaint, for which there is no evidence or evidence, ,

iv. has the right to refuse it and even to ask the customer for compensation if the problem is not proved by the customer based on his or her abuse of the company's reputation.

Privacy Statement and Site Terms

i.'s Privacy Statement and Site Terms are included in these Terms and Conditions. has the right to periodically record phone calls in order to monitor and monitor customer service performance.

ii. may use your contact information to inform you of its products and special offers that may be suitable for you. If you do not want to use your contact information to send these offers, you may send an email to support @

Your responsibility

i. wishes all its customers enjoyable flights, but remember that you are responsible first and finally for your actions and the consequences that may result from others.

ii. If believes that your actions may affect its employees and customers or suppliers, your travel arrangements may be canceled, which means that or its suppliers may require you to leave the accommodation at your own expense.

Our responsibilities to you:

i. is a link between the customer and the supplier (any broker) and any changes in the data and information control policies are subject to the terms and conditions of the suppliers in the first place, and the customer has no right to seek compensation from as a broker.

ii. In the event that the contract of has been terminated or the company has stopped working, all customer bookings and bookings will be retrieved.

Modification of Conditions:

i. may change these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. The terms will be changed once they are posted on the Site, and will not be retroactively applied to the completed contract actions made through this Site. . Your continued use of this site after making any changes means acceptance of the changed terms and conditions.

Coupon (Coupon)

i. The terms and conditions of the vouchers issued by are subject to the terms and conditions of the booking except for the refund policy. The amount of the coupon is not refundable, however the terms and conditions of the booking are used. Each voucher is subject to the provisions of each advertisement for the coupon.

ii. has the right to suspend or suspend the coupons without prior notice.

The provisions of the awards offered by the world booking company

i. All free vouchers and prizes issued by are non-transferable, non-transferable or cancellable, even if the booking or appointment has been confirmed.

ii. For each voucher, the conditions listed therein shall be applied whether the voucher is printed or sent by the winner electronically.

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